Orchids Wholesale


Our various orchids plant cultivation nurseries of automated-controlled greenhouses have a combined capacity of approximately a million plants of different sizes and colors.


Our experiences lie rich in collecting, selecting, breeding, developing and cultivating orchids of many species, of which Cattleya, and Phalaenopsis are our strength and focus of business. They are available in their different stages of growth, from flasks to flowering plants and in different colours.


Representing our associates, we also wholesale and export Dendorbium orchids, Catasetum, Momodes, and Oncidium orchids, as well as many other orchid alliances. Newly added to our business is fresh cut orchid flowers from Taiwan for export to all over the world.

We have also established an Online Florist that offers blooming orchid flowers arranged in pots with various decorations for all occasions and events. Delivery is currently available in Singapore only.